PRO 16


PRO 16 promotes intake which is critical during the transition phase. It also ensures the economical preparation of dry cows with the inclusion of anionic salts to prevent milk fever during calving. PRO 16 contains high levels of natural protein and energy (9,5 MJ ME/kg), as well as a growth enhancer which
improves digestion and energy utilisation of pasture/roughage. PRO 16 is an excellent supplement for rearing weaner calves and lambs on green fertilised pastures.



Weaner calves g/day 1 000 - 2 000
Weaner lambs g/day 300 - 400

Application of Molatek PRO 16 during the dry period:

Allow for a dry period of 42–60 days.

First 21–40 days

During the first 21–40 days a medium to high quality roughage diet (hay, pasture, silage, etc.) is provided ad lib. The use of roughage low in potassium (K) is advisable but not critical during this phase. Maintaining condition is more important. Cows in poor condition that have dried up can be given additional feed.
Provide 1,5–2 kg Molatek PRO 16 per cow per day.

Last 2–3 weeks before calving (steam-up)

Provide good quality roughage with a low K content ad lib during the last three weeks. Intake of K and NaCl (salt) should be restricted to a minimum.


Background 18, an excellent high quality protein and high energy product is suitable for the rearing and possible finishing of young animals, as well as for the backgrounding of feedlot calves on good quality green pastures. This product can be used with great success for, amongst others, lactating cows, the rearing of heifers, first calf heifers and phase D bulls. Background 18 contains medications to enhance feed conversion rate and growth.


Cattle g/day 1 000 – 2 000
Sheep g/day 300 – 400