MASS: 50 kg


Molatek Winlick 50 is a high-protein, ready-mixed winter lick for cattle containing 1% phosphate. It is formulated to ensure the correct intakes o n low quality pasture and is especially suited to
cattle grazing on sour veld. This winter lick supplements protein, specifically rumen degradable protein (RDP), macro minerals and trace minerals that are lacking in winter veld. It is not recommended for use in sheep.


• Stimulates appetite to increase intake and digestibility of dry matter to restrict weight loss during winter.
• A combination of protein and trace minerals stimulates the digestion of low-quality pasture/veld as it stimulates the digestion process of the microbes in the rumen.
• Trace minerals result in increased conception and calving percentages.
• Can be mixed with grain to be provided as a production lick for lactating animals.
• Has a laxative effect which helps to prevent dry gallsickness.
• Makes the feeding of urea safe because it is dissolved in molasses during the production process.
• Supplements deficient trace minerals, such as zinc, copper, cobalt, iodine, selenium and sulphur on dry pastures, which play an important role in increasing conception percentages.
• Molasses in the formula binds the lick, thus avoiding loss caused by wind.
• The synchronised release of nitrogen (from urea) and energy (from molasses) ensures optimum microbial protein production.