You can make money with the right type of calf in the feedlot
Breed is not a term generally used in a feedlot, as the focus is rather on the right type of animal according to specific market needs and circumstances. In general, the market prefers medium frame types as the carcass handles a lot easier and because of the size of the cuts sold to the consumer. However, if deboned cuts are used, the focus will fall on large frame, late maturing types.
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How to ensure a high ovulation rate in your ewes during mating
It is that time of the year again when sheep farmers start thinking about flushing ewes that will be put in with the rams during November. The success and profitability of sheep farming for wool as well as slaughter lamb production are largely determined by the percentage marketable lambs. A high body mass at mating (static body mass) and an increase in body mass (dynamic body mass) of ewes during the mating period, ensure a high lambing and thus weaning percentage (weaned lambs/100 ewes mated).
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5 keys to colostrum success in baby goats
Colostrum, the first milk a doe produces after she gives birth, is key to giving baby goats a strong, healthy start. US company Milk Products developed a list of 5 things to consider. Since baby goats are born without immunity, colostrum helps provide immune protection until their immune system is fully functional. It provides important antibodies the doe is unable to pass on during pregnancy.