MASS: 50 kg


Molatek Protein Lick 40 is a high-quality protein supplement with 1% phosphate inclusion for cattle grazing on dry veld.


• Stimulates the appetite of animals to increase the intake and digestibility of dry matter to restrict weight loss during winter.
• The combination of protein and trace minerals stimulates the digestion of low-quality pasture/veld as it stimulates the digestion process of the microbes in the rumen.
• Trace minerals result in increased conception and calving percentages.
• Can be mixed with grain to be provided as a production lick for lactating animals.
• Has a laxative effect that helps to prevent dry gallsickness.
• Makes the feeding of urea safe because it is dissolved in molasses during the production process.
• Supplements deficient trace minerals such as zinc, copper, cobalt, iodine, selenium and sulphur on dry pastures, which play an important role in increasing conception percentages.
• The molasses binds the lick, thus avoiding loss caused by wind.
• The synchronised release of nitrogen (from urea) and energy (from molasses) ensures optimum microbial protein production.


These are examples of mixes; contact your TA for specialised custom rations to suit your requirements.