Molatek Liquid Molasses

Molatek Liquid Molasses is a versatile, convenient liquid energy feed.

Class: Energy Supplement
Registration no. V25055, Act 36/1947

MASS: 25 kg


Crude Protein min g/kg 43.7
Moisture max g/kg 270
Sugars (as invert) min g/kg 430
ME Ruminant (Calculated) min MJ/kg 11.6


MOLATEK LIQUID MOLASSES is a versatile, convenient liquid energy feed.


  • Given the synergistic effect of sugar with other starches in increasing animal production it is a good replacement for 10–20% of grain in rations.
  • A rich source of minerals, trace elements and especially B vitamins in a highly absorbable form.
  • High-quality molasses in an easy-to-use liquid form.
  • Reduces the dustiness of the diet, therefore increasing feed intake.
  • Serves as a good binding agent for feed that is to be pelleted.
  • A versatile, palatable product that has the texture of feed. It increases feed intake, leading to increased mass gains in feedlots and increased milk production.
  • Has no negative impact on rumen pH as in the case of starch.
  • Increases fatty acid production in the rumen resulting in more energy available for production.
  • Increases microbial protein production resulting in more protein being available for milk, meat and wool production.
  • An excellent energy source on pastures/veld because it has a lower pasture replacement effect than grain.
  • Prevents dry gallsickness.





  • 5 kg per horse per day, together with good quality pasture or roughage, supplies an excellent energy ration.
  • On poor quality pasture or roughage, provide half a kilogram of sunflower or soya bean oil cake in addition to the 1,5 kg of MOLATEK LIQUID MOLASSES per day to help supplement protein deficiencies.


Cattle, sheep and goat feedlots:

  • Use up to 20% MOLATEK LIQUID MOLASSES in cattle rations and up to 12% in sheep and goat rations to make it more palatable, contribute to the energy and bind
  • Rations mixed with MOLATEK LIQUID MOLASSES assist the adaptation of animals.


Dairy farms:

  • Up to 12% MOLATEK LIQUID MOLASSES can be mixed into dairy cattle and calf rations.
  • Makes rations mixed on farm more palatable ensuring higher
  • MOLATEK LIQUID MOLASSES-based rations can largely satisfy the energy requirements of young animals.



  • Include 5–10% MOLATEK LIQUID MOLASSES in complete and semi-complete game diets to increase palatability and therefore intake.


On-farm feed pelleting:

  • MOLATEK LIQUID MOLASSES can be included at 4–8% in the pelleting process as a binding agent.

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